2018 Planning - Pet Holidays & Pet Industry Event Planner

2018 Planning - Pet Holidays & Pet Industry Event Planner

Created specifically for businesses in the pet industry.

We created this 2018 Holiday and Pet Industry calendar to help you get organized and absolutely boss your marketing promotional plans this year.

It includes for Every Month of 2018:

- Pet Holidays

- Human Holidays

- Pet Industry Events

- My Dates & Deadlines Notes Section

And we would love to meet you in person so come say hi to us at these events:

Global Pet Expo – March ‘18
Pet Sitters International – Sept. ‘18

Course Contents

Pet Holidays & Pet Industry Event Planner

What's included?

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Working With Dog
Working With Dog

About the instructor

Together with our team at Working With Dog we created this crazy awesome resource to help you get clarity, set and achieve your big goals and build a more profitable, scalable, enjoyable business. This is the kind of crazy valuable stuff we prepare for our members every month in Working with Dog, the Official Club for Petpreneurs.

J. Nichole Smith aka Nic, believes that entrepreneurs find freedom by building brands instead of just businesses – so she is been helping petpreneurs build successful brands that support the life of their dreams. She has a Masters in Marketing and a decade of practical experience creating and growing pet brands, including ‘Dog is Good’ which she co-founded in 2007. As a graphic designer, commercial pet photographer, and marketing strategist she has had the opportunity to help solopreneurs and billion dollar brands alike launch, and grow. Her book Million Dollar Dog Brand’ is the essential guide for entrepreneurs who want to build a profitable, sustainable business in the pet industry.

Jane Harrell been rocking it out in the pet industry for 16+ years, leading content strategy and marketing as Former Editor-in-Chief of Pet Health Network, Senior Producer at Petfinder.com, Founder of AdvoCats (and Dogs, Too!) and with many other leading pet brands like Animal Planet, Petco and more. As President of 'cause Digital Marketing and new co-owner of Working with Dog, she specializes in helping pet businesses large and small focus on achieving their marketing results, so they can focus on what matters--helping pet parents celebrate and take the best care of their pets.

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